Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Bailout

247 to 188; these are two numbers we should keep in mind over the upcoming months and years.

Other than immediately attempting to remedy our Nation's current financial challenges, one of President Obama's most sought after goals as our new leader is to bridge the ever growing partisan divide. Say what you may about the new Administration's economic stimulus package, but I believe its secondary mission to begin the healing process between the left and right missed the target altogether. The aforementioned tally paints an ugly yet clear picture; on top of 11 Democrats, not one Republican Congressperson voted for the stimulus plan. It seems that these 188 Representatives see that the truth lies in the bill's attempt to cement the Democratic stranglehold on Washington D.C. for the next generation.

So, what's next? If this attempt doesn't turn around the struggling economy in the near future, what will President Obama and his allies present as their next solution? History tells us that they will come back with a second similar bill, with an even higher price tag. And, if this pattern continues, the real question we as American citizens need to ask ourselves is "Is this the change we believed in or is this just FDR reincarnated?" Personally, I hope this is just me playing devil's advocate, but any student of history should know that the Great Depression did not end as a result of huge government outlays.

Submitted by ASO member: The Philadelphians

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