Friday, February 13, 2009

No Time to Read?

It was so important to get this Stimulus Bill passed and have it on the President’s desk by the Inaugural. So important that if it wasn’t done by then the sky would fall. Then it was not done, the sky was still in the sky, and it became absolutely imperative that the bill got done or it would spell certain catastrophe. So the bill is about to pass and it is only the second phase of a litany of “emergency” opportunistic legislative efforts by a Congress with a 12 percent approval rating to capitalize on “Change.” Even the President’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel admits that the best time to get other unrelated agenda items done is during times of crisis.

So since the sky is falling and the United States teeters on the precipice of doom, what exactly are the life-raft provisions in the bill that will save us all? The answer should shock every American. Nobody knows. When members of Congress were asked if they had a chance to read the largest spending bill in the history of mankind, and one that borrows from our future generations to pay for our current economic discomfort, they almost unanimously replied that there won’t be time. New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg indicated, “No, I don’t think anyone will have a chance to [read the entire bill].” Please God tell me you’re kidding. Ever heard the adage don’t sign something you haven’t read? Well don’t vote for something that will plunge our children’s children into debt without reading it. It seems to me that if the stakes are legitimately high, and if it’s true that the sky hinges on falling, it might be worth while to spend an extra day making sure the contents of the oh so important bill are what they should be for the good of the Nation.

Remember, Not One Member Has Read This Bill!


John Kalitka said...

This legislation will do little to address the current financial mess. It will greatly expand the federal government's role in education, energy, industrial policy and health care for decades--all to the detriment of the innovation and creative problem solving offered by free markets. Most appallingly, this all occurred without so much as a congressional committee hearing or a thorough disclosure of what is in the bill.

Frank Safertal said...

Ok, lets get something cleared up - " sky is falling " and " borrow from the future generations" was patented by the previous bunch in the White House - remember Hank's TARP and the budget deficits of the last 8 years ? The current occupants are just mild imitators. On the old adage " don't sign something before you read it " - looks like millions of Americans ignored it as they signed their mortgage.
By the way, what makes you you think that politicians really " read" all the stuff that comes from them - with our blackberries, cranberries, TV and i phones - how many of us really read 1000 pages lately ??

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