Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The rest of the sentence

It's hard to believe that our right to free speech is being threatened in this country, isn't it? In fact, part of what worries me is that we have this false sense of security about that right since every politician of every stripe tends to say that they believe in free speech and they want to defend it. They say what we want (and darned well expect) to hear so we have every reason to believe our right to free speech is totally safe.

But it's as if the politicians who support the Fairness Doctrine forgot to finish the sentence. Because their support for this freedom-crushing policy really means "I believe in free speech - unless I disagree with that speech or feel it threatens my ability to get re-elected." I guess they know that voters are smart enough to know the unspoken end of that sentence would not go over so well, so they keep it to themselves. I think that’s too bad. I hope that people who express their full thoughts keep speaking up about the Fairness Doctrine. How better to save free speech than with free speech?!

Submitted by ASO member Jean Card

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