Thursday, February 5, 2009

Earth to Senators: Think of Small Business

Okay, so the House passed a bill that seems pretty unlikely to provide
anywhere near the stimulus the economy needs - and might do long-term
damage in terms of government growth and spending. Principled
Republicans and Democrats voted against it. Fine.

So now we (the people and our economy) need the Senate. We need them to
do the right thing. Pretty badly. We need them to remember that small
businesses generate 60 to 80 percent of net new jobs. The small-business
provisions in the current "stimulus" bill need to be greatly expanded..
Help for small firms - in the form of tax relief, increased expensing,
etc. - should crowd out a good deal of the muck in the current bill that
is just spending, not stimulus.

I implore the Senate: please don't screw around on this. Help the job

Submitted by ASO member: Self-Employed in Virginia


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great way to get us out of this mess. Dont fix the housing mess and dont offer to help the largest employer in the nation, small business. Want to get people working have small business be tax exempt for a year. They will hire new employees, buy office equipment, phones etc. Or you can give it to the TARP and have it create nothing.

TRoscoe said...

The small businesses are the heart and soul of this county and should be treated as a litmus test as to how out economy is really doing. Expanding the stimulus package for the creators of “60 to 80 percent of net new jobs” seems like it would a good place to start.

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