Saturday, February 7, 2009

Your Weekend Links

- Did you expect Change so soon?
- The Stimulus Hurts, it really, really hurts.
- Weren’t we supposed to be past “The politics of Fear?”
- From “fear” to “fair” another misguided Senator wants to limit free speech.
- Even Republicans are getting into the mood, more Nationalization. If we’ve learned anything, let’s keep politicians away from the housing industry.
- The danger ahead, a bill way overstepping its bounds.
- When in office- Step 1: Pay Taxes- Step 2: Don’t take extravagant retreats
- Cartoon: This Administration faces its toughest challenge yet, tax season.
- Joke: Jay Leno, of the Tonight Show, spoke on Obama's visit to a DC school to read to students: "It was a fairy tale about a Cabinet nominee who once paid all his taxes"

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