Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wait a minute… what about our ‘right to privacy’?

Americans love the phrase “right to privacy.” We like our privacy, and rightly so. It’s an important part of being free – free from scrutiny, judging and unwanted pressure on our own decisions.

So I hope people find out that the misleadingly-named “Employee Free Choice Act” would actually strip workers of their privacy. Frankly, I have no idea what they mean by “free choice.” Because this legislation would take away workers’ rights to a private ballot – talk about something that is sacred to Americans!

In this country, from the time we are children voting for class president, we value the fact that our vote is SECRET. Our business and no one else’s. That privacy frees us to make the choice we want, without fear of consequence if our vote, ahem, displeases someone else.

Imagine you are a worker at a company where some of your co-workers are talking of unionizing. They feel strongly about it and are pressuring you to vote for the union. You don’t feel a union is necessary and, frankly, you’d rather not have to pay union dues for something you don’t think you need.

Now imagine that your vote on the issue will be out-in-the-open. Fully disclosed. You literally will not be able to keep your opinion to yourself… private. Talk about a violation of a fundamental American right!

It’s like asking for a “show of hands” in front of the bully running for class president.

Submitted by ASO member Jean Card

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