Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blakeman: The Foundation of Our Great Nation

The Administration like the Democratic Leadership in Congress are drunk with power and in a rush to either reverse past administration policy or make their own as fast as they can. They are acting as if they only have 100 days in office rather than 4 years. With regard to Cuba, the President and the State Department obviously gave their blessing to members of the Congressional Black Caucus to visit Cuba last week and meet with the dictator brothers Castro. The Castros put on a show, and the Members of Congress were bit players. They were taken in by Fidel and Raul and their propaganda, as was the President. We should not be rewarding Cuba with unilateral concessions. They have retarded generations of their own people with their brutal regime and they are no friend of the United States. The President’s policy of apology and concession will not work in Europe, the Middle East or in our own Hemisphere.

My advice to the President with regard to the Summit of the Americas is this, democracy and free trade is what made us the greatest Nation on earth and it is those same principles that will make the Americas prosper as well. We need the Columbia Free Trade Agreement. We need to promote democracy and make the people of the Americas feel that they are just as important to us as is Europe, the Middle East and Asia.


LF said...

Spot on, Mr. Blakeman...This Administration continues to amaze and disappoint me. I have enough problems with the actions of our President in his first 100 days that would be sufficient for an entire term. It’s shocking that he and his party have the guts to reverse decades of American diplomatic labors abroad (yes, life did exist before George W. Bush) and render those brave & honorable efforts to spread democracy utterly useless, which is what he is doing when he opens OUR door to the likes of Castro and the Iranian tyrant.

Screamin Armenian said...

He is rushing because on day 101 his BS initiatives will start to be questioned. The real story that should be written but will not by the leftist media is how he is rushing his policies out of political expedience and not by priorities that are in the best interest of the Nation. I am not a partisan person as I consider myself a patriot before a partisan. But I am deeply concerned by the recent poll showing Americans increasingly ready to embrace socialism. Mr. Blakeman, I hate to go down this path, but I am starting to think more and more that we are on the verge of a civil war -- not in the physical sense, but as a battle of ideas and how this country will look in 10 years. These tea parties are perfect examples of that. This is a divided nation and the President is shoving liberal policies that will hamstring our kids' kids and he is doing it in the name of economic recovery. He is weakening our security by engaging in talks with terrorists, he is moving to inhibit free trade as you point out and he is pandering to unions and other constituencies that got him elected. In 4 years we will have more debt, more illegals, higher taxes, less small business, less big business, less security, bigger government, and lower international standing. That's CHANGE?

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