Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wait. Dude. I thought you were cool.

Okay, so President Obama held this electronic town hall thing at the White House last week where he answered questions from ‘regular people’ on topics ranging from health care to the economy to, well, pot.

Online participants voted on which questions they most wanted answered and apparently the issue of legalizing marijuana to “help the economy” was very, very popular – which appears to be the reason that the president answered it. You know how much he likes things that are popular.

Anyway, he essentially made light of it, made a little joke, and said, no, that’s not a good way to grow the economy, and then he moved on.

Pretty un-cool of him, don’t you think? My guess is that there are liberal-to-libertarian pot smokers all over this great nation who voted for the guy and were pretty disappointed in that answer. Because Obama is supposed to be the cool leader. After all, he wrote in his book, Dreams From My Father, about smoking a lot of weed in his young adulthood. So we think he’s cool about weed. So why not seriously look at changing what he surely thinks is an oppressive federal law?

Or maybe smoking pot is only okay for certain people? For the really smart people who think big thoughts?

Munchie minds want to know, President Cool. We thought you were on our side.

-Libertarian Lass

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