Thursday, March 19, 2009

Are we calling it BonusGate yet?

Are we calling it BonusGate yet? Ugly, ugly stuff. Will the taxpayers ever know justice? So far, we’ve only gotten half-truths, lies, avoidance and finger pointing (the blaming of Treasury career civil servants by a Treasury spokesman yesterday was a particularly low point, don’t you agree?). Meanwhile, AIG executives – both those who have the gall to keep their bonuses and those who have the class to return them – are all wealthy. They were, they are and they will be.

Here’s an idea to get those executives closer to feeling the pain of being “one of us” – the rank and file taxpayers who don’t make millions of dollars a year. This might get the healing going once the last ounce of political and taxpayer blood has been drawn and dried on this terrible incident:

The Treasury department should put the executives of AIG on the federal government’s general schedule pay scale – the “GS Scale..” These folks are, after all, now government employees. They are paid by the taxpayers, just like the rest of the professionals at the Treasury Department.

Each executive can look up what their pay might be right here on the U.S. Office of Personnel Management website:

Don’t be too discouraged, AIG guys and gals: the government also offers merit bonuses, known to sometimes be four figures for exemplary performance! Welcome to your life as a public servant. The joy of knowing that you serve the taxpayers will outweigh the pay-cut in due time, I am sure.

-Jean Card

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